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integraONE is your trusted local incident response solutions and services company in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. If you come under a cyber-attack, you can rely on our highly competent incident response team to isolate the attack, recover lost data, and build back your infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more!

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When you’re experiencing a cyber-attack, a fast and expert response is crucial. Our dedicated IR team is here to help.

IntegraONE offers comprehensive services for incident response. Our team of highly skilled engineers has expertise across many IT areas, including networking, storage, compute, virtualization, and core security. We are here to help our clients through security incidents, restoring IT infrastructure, and remediating the security issues that contributed to the breach or compromise.

Craig Treubig

Director of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

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Incident response situations are inherently fluid. That’s why it’s crucial to bring in professionals who have expertise and experience to draw from, to ensure a fast and comprehensive response. That’s what the IntegraONE IR team delivers

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, and are affecting organizations of all sizes across all industries. You need an ‘A-team’ of support, to isolate the attack, recover lost data, and build back your infrastructure.  IntegraONE has a team of IT security professionals, including ethical hackers and incident response experts, who respond to these situations with dexterity and precision. In IR, speed counts. The more quickly you can detect, assess, and react, the lower the chance of significant and/or lasting impact. And when time is of the essence, you want a trustworthy partner in your corner. The IntegraONE Incident Response team draws from 30 years of expertise in the broader IT security space, and applies that knowledge to building the appropriate response in each individual case. These are the “white hats,” and the white knights, there when you need them.

Our Core Offerings:

We are here to help our clients through security incidents from beginning to end, restoring IT infrastructure and remediating the security issues that contributed to the breach or compromise. Our approach comprises 5 key elements:

Preparation – laying the groundwork by deploying the appropriate technologies for the investigation, and working closely with company leaders, legal and IT teams etc., to create a crisis management plan.

Identification – a process of investigating the attack and its effects, monitoring real-time activity and conducting data forensics.

Containment – a process by which we halt the progression or spread of the threat before acting to safely eradicate it.

Eradication – this step is where the root cause of the breach (malware, for example) is dealt with head on

Recovery – restoring data and systems functionality


Hot Tip

Did you know? Here are the most common ways data breaches occur:

Physical actions (4%)

Unauthorized use (8%)

Malware (17%)

Social engineering (22%)

Human error (22%)

Criminal hacking (45%)

Security Checklist

A crucial part of any IR plan is prevention. While there is no way to ensure that you are 100% safe from cyber attacks, having robust security measures in place goes a long, long way. Complete this 15-point security checklist exercise to quickly assess your security situation.

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