Navigating the IT World as a Non-Techie

May 24, 2019

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Do you need to make decisions that impact your company’s technology infrastructure, but don’t know how to wrangle a dongle, or think gigaflops just sound like awkward footwear?  Although most of us have some basic exposure to technology through personal computers or smartphones, IT is an ever-expanding industry and there is a lot to learn.  Here are some handy tips to find your way around the industry jargon to become more informed when making investments in technology.

First thing’s first – learn the lingo.  Nothing’s more frustrating than sitting down to discuss an upcoming IT project and hearing words and acronyms tossed around that have no meaning to your everyday world.  A quick visit to Tech Terms provides a handy reference to some commonly used words and three-letter acronyms (TLAs) utilized regularly in the information technology industry.

Once you know what’s being discussed, the next step to a fuller understanding of your new solution is a big-picture view of how it works. Tech Target provides an explanation of storage, which is where your data resides and Explain That Stuff has a great overview of networking, which is the path your data uses to travel between devices.  Using this expanded knowledge of your infrastructure and the way it functions, you can enter into future discussions with the confidence to address the desired outcomes of your IT projects.  To extend and integrate that knowledge beyond the basics into your environment, contact us at IntegraONE anytime to create customized solutions to your specific needs.