ClearPass Webinar1 Minute Read

Are smart devices outsmarting your network security? Don’t let them with IntegraONE


Is it possible to achieve anywhere, anytime connectivity and secure network access control in the age of smart devices? In a word — yes. You don’t have to choose between convenience and security, with ClearPass.

If you have found yourself asking the following questions, join IntegraONE, in partnership with HPE Aruba, on Wednesday April 25th, at 8:30 AM, to hear expert engineer Trevor Beach discuss solutions that can work for you.

  • What’s on my network?
  • How do I simplify mobile security?
  • What is machine learning-based attack detection?
  • How can I detect and combat threats that have evaded traditional rules and solutions?

More on our presenter: Trevor Beach is a Channel SE from Aruba Networks. He has been working with Aruba products since 2010 and has achieved the ACMX and ACCX certifications.

All attendees who complete the post-event survey will receive a code for 50% off our upcoming in person Beer and Bootcamp event, a $75 value!