HPE Synergy Webinar1 Minute Read

Location: Webinar
Date: Tuesday, March 13
Time(s): 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

HPE Synergy – A Hybrid IT engine for your Digital Transformation Webinar

Register now for this webinar on Tuesday, March 13th at 9:00 AM EST and discover the next steps best suited for your organization to achieve the full benefits of composable infrastructure.

Get fully configurable compute capacity and flexible storage resources with the powerful combination of HPE Synergy and HPE 3PAR 8000.

Automate everyday operations – Increase productivity and control across the data center and reduce operational effort and cost.

Infrastructure for any application – Eliminate costly silos, free up resources, and simplify IT operations.

Single software-defined infrastructure – for physical, virtual and containerized workloads with fluid resource pools of computer, storage and fabric.

Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale – Accelerate application and service delivery through a single interface that precisely composes infrastructure at near-instant speeds.

Learn how HPE Synergy’s unique built-in software intelligence, auto discovery capabilities, and fluid resource pools enable customers to instantly boot up infrastructure ready to run physical, virtual and containerized applications.

Presented by IntegraONE’s Director of Server/Storage Engineering, Jim Bedics.