Internet of Things (IoT)

Monetize SMART solutions to stay competitive. IoT solutions open the door to new lines of cost savings and revenue opportunities.

More efficiency, more engagement, more security

Why IoT, Why integraONE?
Born out of the digital revolution, IoT, puts your customer at the center of your universe. IntegraONE focuses on optimizing your project strategy and assessing your current infrastructure to ensure solutions are never underpowered and always secure.

The sky’s’ the limit when designing your IoT solution. Our project successes span a wide range of size, complexity, and industry—all delivering higher satisfaction, cost savings, and insight to our clients.

The IoT Storm is Looming
We know how to navigate the infinite IoT landscape to make it actionable for small to medium businesses. As more connected devices flood the market, it is critical to prepare for the influx of revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies that will come your way. Do not be caught in the impending IoT storm without the proper data storage, security, and networking solutions.

IoT Shapes Client Perception
Client perception is an important focus for all businesses today, and IoT is helping companies differentiate themselves. Currently, effective IoT solutions are helping businesses realize operational efficiency, including break/fix, utility optimization, process efficiency, and resource tracking and sharing. Tap into the full power of an IoT solution with the right power and security as a solid foundation.

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