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Keeping you connected. Using technology to solve business challenges associated with COVID-19.

COVID-19 presents not only health and safety risks, but also unforeseen business challenges. IntegraONE is there to help you leverage technology to adjust to these new demands. Should you feel the need to reduce in-person meetings, or move to a ‘work from home’ model (or remote learning or virtual healthcare), for instance, IntegraONE can help you understand what relevant offerings exist, and how to go about making the change (temporarily or for the long-term). Whether you are starting from scratch, or looking to scale an existing solution, we can be a sounding board to check your thinking or provide complete design, deployment and support services.

Brad Rightmyer

VP Service Delivery
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“Our top priority is to help our clients keep business going, while ensuring the well-being of their staff and customers. With our product expertise, and team of skilled engineers, we can navigate the changes with our clients, and set them up for the future.”

Top 5 Areas of a Teleworker Solution

1. Meeting VDI Needs for Critical Applications

Enable IT to quickly provision virtual desktops and applications across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Enable your remote workforce to securely access Windows resources from anywhere. Gain simplified management of distributed Windows systems and the ability to easily scale physical or cloud capacity to meet growing demands. 

As organizations of all types shift to work from home—government, healthcare, financial services, customer support, and others—enable employee access to the specific desktop and application configurations necessary to perform their roles remotely. To assist customers to enable or scale Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud environments, VMware is offering:

Extended free trials of Horizon 7 on-premises, Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS, and Horizon Cloud on Azure for 90 days and 100 named users through July 31, 2020.

Special offers are available from your VMware account team.

VMWare COVID-19 Offers

2. Collaboration

With the rise of remote work accompanying the health and safety challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Cisco’s state-of-the-art collaboration tool suite – Webex — keeps teams connected, on any device, enabling your business to keep work moving from anywhere.

Cisco WebEx is extending their WebEx trial to 90 days with extended enterprise capabilities. Email our IntegraONE Cisco Specialist to get started.

Cisco WebEx put together a helpful Guide for the IT Admin. Click here to access resources

Industry Specific Resources:

Digital Healthcare Solutions- Healthcare providers are rapidly deploying new virtual workflows due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) to reduce the risk of transmission to healthy patients. Here you’ll find resources to help you manage the change. See remote healthcare solutions powered by Cisco.

Virtual Learning- Schools and higher education institutions are facing unprecedented needs to close their physical classrooms, due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease). We’re here to keep your classrooms connected, so learning doesn’t have to stop. Learn more about virtual education from Cisco.

3. Security for the Remote User

The ability to support this type of workforce with little to no notice is critical for business continuity and security. With Fortinet Teleworker Solutions, organizations ensure secure connectivity for employees, wherever they reside.

Fortinet Security Fabric provides three primary levels of secure connectivity for remote employees, and a VPN solution that does not require licensing for the users or the firewall. For more details on securing each role in the remote workforce ecosystem, download this useful guide: Fortinet Teleworker Roles Explained

Cisco is also offering security solutions around home endpoints and VPN, including:

Cisco Umbrella offers flexible cloud-delivered security when and how you need it. Follow the link below to start your 14-day free license or, to extend to 90 days, contact your IntegraONE account manager. Click here to download a free license

Cisco’s Duo Security offers a user-centric zero-trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications. Click here to download a free licence

Remote access VPN with Cisco AnyConnect. AnyConnect simplifies secure endpoint access and provides the security needed to keep your organization protected. As part of Cisco’s COVID-19 remote worker solutions, they are offering free licences for 90 days. Learn more and sign up here.

4. Endpoints

The increase in remote work comes with increased demand for adequate home devices. Remote workers expect the same experience they see in the office, at home. Mobile workers need dual monitors, docking stations, seamless connectivity, seamless audio/video, and enhanced security features. HP already has a portfolio of end-point options that are tailored for the remote worker’s specific needs.

Optimizing your work-from-home experience

Keep your PC and Printers germ free

5. Managed Services

Once your infrastructure is in place, the remote workforce will need to be supported. If a company has 60 users with one IT person onsite, it scales differently than the same number of workers in a remote setting. Your resources can quickly become inadequate when faced with day-to-day tasks, compounded with troubleshooting VPN and BYOD solutions.

IntegraONE’s MSP / Help Desk model installs software, such as LogMeIn, that can help you scale your IT capabilities. Our team has resources that can assist 24/7 to keep you up and running. Our managed services team offers proactive monitoring to increase performance and uptime while your staff is remote.

See our full Managed Services offerings


Hot Tip from IntegraONE

First things first. Start by listing out your top priorities for implementing your telework strategy. Here are a few indispensables:
1. Capacity of internet connections to onsite resources and cloud resources
2. Secure access to onsite resources
3. Security of cloud resources
4. User Documentation – details on how to access their tools
5. Who will be monitoring and managing your environment?

Then, take stock of the resources you have in place today to provide remote access (VPN, VDI etc.), and check your licensing and capacity for them.
You’ll need to decide how your users will access resources when they are remote. VPN? VDI? Cloud?


Additional Things to Consider

Will you be scaling an existing solution, or starting fresh? Scaling an existing solution can save costs and shorten your timeline for execution. It also comes with its own challenges and questions. When scaling, consider these elements in your planning:
1. Limitations of hardware platforms (users/bandwidth)
2. Licensing
3. Support of remote users and on premises resources