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We don’t sell boxes. We sell solutions.

Be prepared for anything with the right solution for today, tomorrow and just before the robots take over.

  • Allen Kayal

    Security Practice Manager

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    We have a great understanding of each vendor's technology, which allows us to determine when to use an out-of the-box feature, and when to customize per the client's environment.

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  • Jim Bedics

    Director of Server / Storage Engineering

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    We start with the problem, and work backwards until we design a solution that makes sense for the client’s unique business needs.

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  • Aaron Moreck

    Director of Network Services

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    We design modern, flexible, and intelligent solutions that meet your business goals with minimal disruption. We follow projects from design to delivery. This ensures a cohesive workflow and design where expectations are set in the presales process and followed through to a successful handoff.

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  • Pete Walsh

    Collaboration Practice Manager

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    Our engineers have full ownership, from presales to implementation. We personally enjoy working on all aspects of a project, from inception to implementation, to service. We take pride in ensuring that the customer has a good experience.

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  • Pete Walsh

    IoT Practice Manager

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    IoT is not just the hardware. The usefulness of those devices is in combining them with the right software, enabled by the right infrastructure and security. At IntegraONE, we use the expertise we have from 3 decades of experiences in all different areas of technology, to completely customize an IoT solution.

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  • Don Bloshuk

    Technical Services & Repair Practice Manager

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    Our expert technicians know the products we service, inside and out. We are there to help alleviate a clients’ staff workload, and let them focus on business. We work with manufacturers on our client's behalf, to make sure they get the best possible outcome.

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  • Joe Consolmagno

    Managed Services Practice Manager

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    We deliver a proactive, preventative approach to managing technology so you can focus on your organizational priorities.

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Our clients’ success is our success.

Take a look at what our clients have to say about working with us. Contact IntegraONE for more detailed case studies and references.

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Good Shepherd Rehabilitation



Network Manager

They were very attentive to our needs throughout the entire process. Our integraONE sales rep was there throughout the entire process not just for the sales portion. Everything from the sales perspective, project management, and engineering was great. If I were to highlight anything as exceptional though, it would be the engineering services. And really, to me, that’s what it’s all about.


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Benco Dental

Data Center and Hybrid IT

Geoff Fontenova


IntegraONE has been a fantastic partner to us in everything else we've done, so [working with them on our move to SimpliVity] was just a no-brainer.

October 2018

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Northampton Community College


Kyle Wolfe


We use IntegraONE for everything. I have known Brad [Rightmyer, VP of Service Operations] since he was a lowly tech, and he has worked his way all the way up to where he is now. We don’t want to use anybody else because they’ve always given us such great service.

September 2018

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Dedicated Industry Specialists Lead to Repeatable Success

You don’t have the time or resources to waste on a solution that doesn’t meet your needs. We draw on our varied, and tenured resource pool to design solutions around the nuances in each industry. Our methodology starts with identifying the problem and key stake holders within the context of your industry. This ensures your project is built with your end user in mind, and leads to a more meaningful solution.

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  • Increased competition in the marketplace, budget constraints, small or non-existent IT departments, rising overhead and equipment costs, and ever-changing customer demands…these are some of the many challenges facing commercial businesses today. If you have a small- or medium-sized business, you know how difficult it can be to compete in today’s highly competitive market. Selecting a partner for your technology solutions doesn’t have to be. You don’t have the time or resources to waste on a solution that doesn’t meet your needs. Trust IntegraONE to do it right the first time. We have the experienced staff, the industry certifications, and technical know-how to get the job done right, on time and within your budget.

  • Increased patient volume, staffing shortages, lower insurance reimbursements, smaller IT budgets, privacy and security threats, regulatory compliance issues…these are some of the many challenges facing healthcare providers today.

    IntegraONE provides healthcare-specific solutions that reduce the overall cost of technology, improves user satisfaction and ensures the security of confidential data. Our dedicated healthcare industry specialists understand the economic and performance considerations faced by healthcare organizations, and have helped many of the area’s largest healthcare facilities significantly reduce their data center footprint, lower device and utility costs, develop backup and disaster plans, and streamline data center management, while considerably improving network availabilities and increasing data security.

  • A growing population, regulatory compliance directives, funding shortfalls, rapidly changing technology, and public user demands…these are some of the many challenges facing government agencies today.

    Since 1990, IntegraONE has been dedicated to providing exceptional products and services to clients throughout Pennsylvania’s government sector. With our consistent excellence in delivery, implementation, and support, IntegraONE has earned the recommendation of the many government clients with whom we have partnered.

    Approved PA Government Contract Vendor:

    • PA Master ITQ contract
    • SAP Business Partner No: 132956
    • SRM Contract No: 4400011699

    For more information on PA State ITQ contract, visit:

    For questions on pricing for State/Local Government, please contact IntegraONE directly at 1-888-436-4089 or email

  • Rising enrollment numbers, growing distance learning demands, state funding deficits, rapidly changing technology, data security threats, varying instructional needs, and increased student user demands…these are some of the many challenges facing institutions of higher education today. Whether you are a large university within PASSHE or a private university or college, we approach each engagement with a focus on understanding your specific challenges, goals and objectives and then exceeding your expectations. A cornerstone of our commitment to the higher education community is the IntegraONE College Grant Program. This program grants back a percentage of all annual purchases with us. Each institution can use these funds to assist a student or group with financial need, reward students for academic excellence, or help support a department. For questions on pricing for Higher Education, please contact IntegraONE directly at 1-888-436-4089 or email

  • Increasing student population, regulatory compliance directives, funding shortfalls, rapidly changing technology, and varying instructional needs in schools…these are some of the many challenges facing K-12 institutions today.

    IntegraONE understands the unique challenges facing education today. Our long history of helping schools includes a professional relationship with over 300 districts throughout the region. Our team works with each school to reduce operational costs by deploying lower cost servers that provide more processing with less power; position updated and more secure networks; and continually adapt to the changing technology demands.

    For questions on pricing for K-12, Higher Education or Government, please contact IntegraONE directly at 888-436-4089 or email

Get to know us

IntegraONE Names Michelle Sterner VP of Sales Operations

Client experience and operational efficiency have always been at the core of IntegraONE’s approach to business, in its 30+ years in the IT space. As VP of Sales Operations, Sterner will oversee direct client interactions, define actionable business objectives, and streamline the sales process through digital transformation. She will oversee investments in new technology that drive value, speed, and quality at the client level. These changes, under her leadership, will ensure that every interaction a client has with the organization, defining their business objectives; progressing through the sales process; and continued engagement, is positive and drives value.

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