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In the financial industry, organizations are responsible for managing and safeguarding massive amounts of sensitive information. The highly confidential nature of this industry may leave financial firms at high risk for cyberattacks. It has become increasingly important to invest in modern day IT systems and solutions to stay on top of impending threats and protect client information.

If you are wondering if your organization could be a target of a cyber attack, make sure you have the right software and infrastructure in place. IntegraONE has many industry clients that rely on our service offerings to ensure security and compliance, operational agility, and a great experience for their customers. No matter what your future digital transformation looks like, our experts are ready to customize services for your institution.

Our Process

It all starts with listening. Our friendly, curious team of experts loves to problem-solve, so we begin by working to understand your needs and focus on designing IT systems with your end users in mind.


Connect with us

We’ll start with an in-depth conversation to understand your business challenges, key stakeholders, and goals for the future.


Discuss what’s right for you

Next, you’ll collaborate with a dedicated account manager and local engineers who specialize in your industry or challenges to design the perfect IT package.


Launch your solution

Our tenured engineers are great at speaking your language. They will work with your team to implement your new system, and stay until you’re comfortable.


Long-term support

You’ll have regular check-ins with your account manager, and work with the same local engineers when you need support. Want us to take it all off your hands? Managed services may be right for you.

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Our IT Solutions

IntegraONE has been a fantastic partner to us in everything else we've done, so [working with them on our move to SimpliVity] was just a no-brainer.

Geoff Fontenova Manager of IT Infrastructure, Benco Dental
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