Flexible IT design unique to your business

Every business’s data needs are different and reflect their size, industry, and the details of their business model. Over the last 30 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries, so we’ve seen it all — and created IT systems to match.

How we help
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  • small-business

    Small Business

    No business deserves a one-size-fits-all solution, but custom often comes at a higher cost. Not with IntegraONE — we approach all of our client relationships as unique opportunities to design the perfect IT system and support structure.

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  • mid-level


    You’re balancing market changes and fluctuating costs with a hybrid work environment and evolving IT needs. Choose a partner that will work closely with your in-house tech team to design and support an IT solution that will evolve with you.

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  • enterprise


    Across your organization, you’ve dedicated time and resources to developing systems that are efficient and scalable. Work with an IT partner who understands your unique needs and goals, and can help you plan for the future.

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We meet you where you are

Whether you’re a company leader shopping around for managed services or a highly technical IT specialist on the hunt for a specific solution, our engineers are great at working with people in different roles to create a customized IT plan.

Customized IT systems for every industry

Each sector has its own specialized tooling, compliance standards, and stakeholders who rely on your data. Building an industry-appropriate IT solution takes experience, and our dedicated industry specialists have been doing this for a long time. 

Our IT Solutions

  • security


    We work with you to build a comprehensive security architecture and IT strategy to protect you 24/7. Don’t choose between security and convenience; our security solutions encompass your data availability needs and plan for recovery.

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  • database

    Data Center & Hybrid IT

    Starting from your company’s infrastructure and data footprint, our experts work backwards to design a custom solution — cloud, on-prem, or hybrid — to automate tasks, address risk, and keep you at the cutting edge.

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  • networking


    Your company’s network impacts every part of your business. We take pains to understand your reach, requirements, devices, and business-critical applications so we can build the most effective network solution.

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  • repair

    Technical Services & Repairs

    Protect your investment in your devices and IT systems without adding expense or draining your team’s time. Our A+ Certified technicians, hardware expertise, and manufacturer relationships save time, money, and frustration.

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  • managed-services

    Managed Services

    If you’re hiring a managed services provider (MSP) to meet your needs, why settle for a package that doesn’t? It all starts with listening, so we can customize a plan to monitor and support your whole IT system, or just one piece of it.

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  • cloud


    It’s 2022, so chances are high that your business runs applications outside of a traditional data center. Cloud tools help all of us with efficiency and collaboration, so let us help you choose and migrate to a more flexible, scalable solution.

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  • collaboration-hybrid

    Collaboration & Hybrid Workplace

    In our virtual working world, collaboration isn’t just a part of your company values; it’s a necessary skill that’s directly tied to success. We meet your team where they are to design a solution that brings out their very best.

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  • IoT 1

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Smart devices are now a part of our businesses as well as our personal lives, but they can strain your network and storage capacity. Make sure your ecosystem stays secure and harness IoT in a cost-effective way with tangible benefits to your company and your customers.

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  • incident-response 1

    Incident Response

    As cyberattacks become more frequent (and expensive), restoring data and infrastructure is a core part of IT services. Our dedicated IR team has years of experience addressing incidents across a range of industries and contexts.

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