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It can seem like the world is moving to the cloud, but not every process or workload belongs there. Many businesses still need to maintain some on-premises infrastructure for computing, storage, or backup. 

Add in hybrid options, and you have a nearly infinite range of ways to structure  your data center. Whatever hybrid IT looks like for you, we can help design and implement the ideal solution.

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The Rise — and Range — of Subscription Models

As cloud IT has become ubiquitous, providers have experimented with subscription models to give their customers flexibility and scalability. Cloud computing and storage vendors are leading the way with consumption-based and service-based plans, but even on-prem IT vendors are offering subscription options.

This is more than a trend; it’s an evolution of the market. Subscription-based network, platform, and hardware solutions have become a promising part of IT planning. 

Data Center Solutions

Primary and secondary storage, computing power, hardware needs — data centers and hybrid IT solutions bring together a lot of elements, and every organization has different needs. Let’s explore some of your options.

Primary Storage Solutions

How you should handle primary storage depends on the type of data you’re storing and how it’s used.

Working collaboratively? Network-attached storage (NAS) acts as a shared drive for files that need to be accessed and updated by multiple people on your network.

Operating a large, dynamic database? A storage area network (SAN), a.k.a. block storage, delivers a network of hard drives for peak performance when you need to read and write lots of data at once.

Utilizing Git for version control? With object storage, your developers can add, modify, and remove files with just a few lines of code.

Whatever the scenario, we’d love to talk about the primary storage system that best suits your data.

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Your data needs evolve as your business grows.

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