Structured Cabling | Cherry Hill, NJ

It's truly vital that structured cabling solutions are designed, implemented, and installed correctly to ensure your network meets usage requirements today and in the future and technology expands.

Structured cabling systems are the most commonly used organizational systems from SMBs to large multi-global corporations. At the heart of their business is a well-laid out, future-proofed and industry-standard installation- connecting people and equipment with ease. We provide structured cabling installations, data cabling services, and network wiring services to companies in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. Our structured cabling services can assist your business with new or existing cabling services to benefit your IT infrastructure.

Our expertise

Cabling systems have different performance ratings and are defined by category. The category determines the maximum rate at which data can be transferred across the system. With IntegraONE's long-standing partnerships with major cable manufacturers, we are always at the forefront of the advancing cable technology. We supply, install and support cables with; Category 5e, Category 6/ 6a, and Category 7.

Cable categories

Cat5 - for LAN speeds of 1Gbit/s with a maximum cable length of 90m. All our Cat 5e systems guaranteed to perform at Gigabit speed.

Cat6 - for LAN speeds of 1Gbit/s with higher performance cable that has better shielding and greater resistance from electrical interference.

Cat7 - for LAN speeds of 10Gbit/s which has the highest performance category copper-based system available. Each 4-paired wires and the cable are shielded.


Benefits of Structured Cabling services from IntegraONE

Simplicity - integrate multiple cabling systems into one organized layout to deliver data of any format.

Future-proof - the advancement in network comms is always pushing the boundaries of the cabling industry. We apply the connect and forget methodology.

Integrity - we fully manage structured cabling solutions including design, installation, and maintenance for your complete peace of mind.


At IntegraONE, we have the expertise to strategically plan, troubleshoot or install a superior structured cabling set up. Our 10+ years in delivering high-quality and industry-compliant structured cabling services has given us valuable insights surrounding speed, interference, and connectivity issues.

Call our friendly data cabling engineers today to know more about our structured cabling installation services.