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Forget dead spots and say hello to a reliable and fast wireless network throughout your business premises.


Wi-Fi Everywhere

Over the past 3 decades, a variety of businesses like restaurants, brick and mortar stores, and corporate offices have experienced a substantial increase of mobile device utilization with a variety of device types, all somewhat dependent on network connectivity.

Many of these organizations are transforming their work environment from a traditional locked-up cubicle configuration into an open layout floor plan in which employees can maintain connectivity across the office. It could be in the cafeteria, at their desk, or in a conference room and this is all possible with a reliable, fast and stable wireless network.

The Wi-Fi network perhaps the busiest network channel in the environment of IT. Each device connected to a wi-fi network demands efficiency, reliability and a fast connection to both local network environments and Internet access. The more devices the wireless network needs to support, the more its capacity is spread thin. Without network improvements as your technology and workstation count grows, your wireless solution is sure to be pushed to the limits.


We perform wireless (WiFi) site surveys and heat mapping services to companies in the Easton, Easton area. IntegraONE is a local preferred heat mapping company with comprehensive experience installing and optimizing WiFi networks and connectivity- connect with our team today to get started!


How IntegraONE wireless survey can help eliminate dead spots

As wireless signals can't be seen with our eyes, it makes it a difficult technology to understand. Many people presume that being connected to a high-speed network equals a good connection. Maybe yes, it has a good connection but doesn't necessarily mean it brings performance required for efficiency and productivity.

A wireless site survey is a process we conduct to collect information and produce visualizations. There is no better way to do this but to run an actual measurement in your physical office. Our team of network engineers will walk around your entire office/ building, stopping often to mark the position on the map and allow the aerials and software to pick up valuable data about the wireless in that particular position.

There are many factors to consider when deciding to install or upgrade a wireless network. ‘Where do I need reliable access?’ is an easy first decision to make. ‘How do I achieve useable access in these locations?’ is a slightly harder question, which is often not properly considered. A wireless site survey can help provide an answer to the latter.


Wi-Fi Site Survey

Sometimes, a wireless network can develop poor reliability and performance among other things; connectivity, coverage or authentication issues, weak to dead spot coverage or interference. The Wi-Fi site survey or heat map is where we find the quality or performance falls short of expectation and implement the necessary fix.


Heat Mapping Spectrum Analysis

To ensure optimum performance in your location's indoor or outdoor WiFi zones, IntegraONE's engineers use industry-leading survey software for advanced Wi-Fi heat mapping that guarantees the most accurate analysis of the site and produces a full visualization map of radio frequency (RF) signals.


Post-Installation Support

Our service is designed to ensure that your wireless network is functioning according to your expectations. We do quality checks during and after installation. Our engineers are also a phone call away to ensure any issues you encounter are resolved promptly.


Whether you are transitioning to a new wireless network environment or you want to expand an existing one, we would love to connect and discuss how we can help you achieve maximum performance from your wireless network!

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