Fortinet Partner | Harrisburg, PA

Cybercrime is a risk and a true cause for concern across every business size, industry, and location-- freelance contractors, SMBs and large enterprise corporations all may have the potential for a cybercriminal to penetrate their IT infrastructure.

We have partnered with Fortinet to expand our security measures and offer businesses a full-covered protection strategy that covers computer systems, network servers, data centers, or other devices that can be easily managed through the cloud. We are a Fortinet partner, Fortinet dealer, Fortinet consultant, and Fortinet reseller in the Harrisburg, PA area. Our professional Fortinet consultants can advise your business on strategic Fortinet solutions to increase its IT security and defenses.

After over 10 years of providing Fortinet solutions to companies of all sizes, the engineers at IntegraONE have acquired the expertise and certificates from some of the most leading IT security suppliers-- including Fortinet. This knowledge and expertise has positioned us to provide comprehensive security for technology infrastructures.

Access security

The Fortinet Security Fabric secures the access layer of your organization’s network. It integrates various access points in a network, such as endpoints, applications, the cloud, and IoT devices, regardless of their distribution, into an end-to-end solution that covers all attack surfaces.

Client Security

Client security, through FortiClient, provides easy-to-manage, automated, fully customizable endpoint security for various devices. FortiClient provides end-to-end threat visibility and control by natively integrating endpoints into the security architecture and offers unified endpoint features, including compliance, protection, and secure access.

Application Security

The Fortinet Security Fabric protects your organization’s sensitive and proprietary data that is managed by applications and ensures the security and availability of your organization’s applications. It allows Fortinet applications, and those of third-party vendors, to work together to boost security across core networks, remote devices, and the cloud.

Cloud Security

The Security Fabric is designed to extend deep into various cloud environments to ensure policies are consistent and enforced across all distributed resources.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution allows your organization to detect and mitigate threats, both known and unknown, and share that information locally to deliver a coordinated defense.

The technology landscape contains an increasing amount of IT threats and vulnerabilities and we trust Fortinet to deliver superior security protection and functionality.

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