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Benefits of remote server monitoring solutions

If you’re like most business owners, you prefer to focus your attention on what generates the most income, but you know if you neglect to monitor other areas such as network and server performance, you can experience a reduction in overall productivity. Server failures result in down-time, significantly affecting bottom lines and consumer trust.

Gartner research indicates the average cost of network down-time is around $5,600 per minute. That translates to about $300,000 per hour. Those costs could go even higher, however, as was the case of the New York Stock exchange, when trading was suspended for four hours in 2015, resulting in a total loss of $10 million. Regardless of size, no business can afford to lose great amounts of money every time its server goes offline or it experiences an outage.

One of the best ways to prevent that and mitigate the effects and costs of unplanned stoppage is by leveraging remote server monitoring services from integraONE. We’ll help your IT team stay on top of server incidents, regardless of time or location. To help you get started on the path toward reducing or eliminating server down-time, look at some of the benefits of remote server monitoring.

Limits down-time

Aside from the impact on your company's bottom line and loss of consumer trust, down-time affects workplace morale since it impedes the ability of employees to do their jobs. Deploying a robust remote monitoring solution dramatically reduces the duration and number of times systems are inaccessible. That, in turn, boosts productivity, employee morale and healthier bottom lines.

Advance warning

Remote server monitoring delivers advanced warning on necessary hardware upgrades, software updates, backups and irregularities, and impending server failure. By helping stop such issues in their tracks, remote server monitoring can help avert bigger problems. It also alerts your IT team when hard-disk space is running low, processor usage is on the rise or similar occurrences. That helps your organization avoid unplanned server down-time and makes for a seamless experience.

Instant check-in

Whether on a daily commute, working at a client site or on a trip, your IT staff can check in anytime and keep a finger on the pulse of your organization's network. No matter where they may be, they'll receive instant notifications via text message or email when specific events occur. They can also view real-time statistics about your company's network through a web-based management console.

Increased productivity

Because remote server management solutions handle all server-monitoring aspects, your IT employees are free to concentrate on more-complex operations requiring human intelligence. Such solutions help eliminate the burdensome and time-consuming task of checking and resolving server issues that can be handled remotely or through automation. When a problem beyond what our remote server monitoring service is programmed to handle is detected, it immediately notifies your designated in-house person responsible for handling it.

To leverage and enjoy the benefits of remote server monitoring, partner with integraONE.

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