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IntegraONE is your trusted local provider of network vulnerability testing, audits and scan services in the Mechanicsburg, PA area. Our network vulnerability services will help keep your business safe & secure from hackers and data breaches. Contact us today!

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Network Vulnerability Testing and Security Plans

A comprehensive security plan usually begins with a network vulnerability assessment to identify both the weaknesses and strengths of your business's network. Think of it this way - spending time and resources reinforcing strong areas would be wasteful. At the same time, failing to patch weaknesses would leave your network open to data intruders.

IntegraONE network vulnerability assessment will help your businesses mitigate risk and increase efficiency.

Network vulnerability tests begin with the network

Your business’s network consists of hardware and software, each with strengths and weaknesses. The first step in our network vulnerability assessment is to identify each component within the network and determine its risk for data intrusion.

Even a properly maintained network may be vulnerable. Phishing attacks, for example, attempt to obtain legitimate network credentials from network users. These credentials can give hackers free reign within a business's network while raising few red flags. Thus, another weakness that might be identified during our network vulnerability assessment would be the level of access to key data, such as bank accounts and personally identifying information, on the network.

Network Vulnerability Scanning based on identified network vulnerabilities

A scan is developed to test vulnerabilities. Essentially, we will hack your network on purpose - but for good reason.

For example, your web server could be vulnerable to denial of service attacks that could shut down your company's website. The scan would test how severe the problem is and how easily an attack might occur so that the proper solutions can be enacted.

Using a network vulnerability test

Our network vulnerability scan is used to develop a comprehensive security plan for your system. This plan monitors for threats and periodically reassesses your network’s vulnerabilities to maintain the strength of your network as hardware is added and software is updated or replaced.

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