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Simplify Network Management with Cisco Meraki

What is Meraki?

Meraki was developed and built from the ground up with high regard for cloud networking; this differentiates Meraki devices from its competitors. Thus, Cisco Meraki gained massive attention from cloud enthusiasts and adopters. Soon after Meraki's first public offering, Cisco acquired the company and the client-base increased exponentially, making Cisco Meraki the go-to device for the cloud enterprise network.

We are an authorized Cisco Meraki consultant / Cisco Meraki dealer / Cisco Meraki reseller / Cisco Meraki reseller serving companies in the Penn Hills, Penn Hills area. Our expert Cisco Meraki consultants can work with your business to deploy and configure a superior Cisco Meraki solution. Reach out to our consultants today to get started with Cisco Meraki!


From a small team's passion, Meraki disrupted IT networking through its cloud-ready and cloud-based management device offerings. This provides any IT department with centralized visibility and control over all wired and wireless networking client devices.


Quick & Easy Management

Meraki's hardware is designed to provide you with centralized control and application visibility. Optimize and manage performance and optimization from a single configuration page.


Cloud Security

Cisco Meraki was invented with high-level security in mind. It features next-gen firewall, intrusion prevention, and content filtering.


Managed Wireless Through Cloud

Meraki's web-based dashboard allows visibility of your network users for the devices and applications they are using. This enables you to optimize both network security and end-user experience.


Reduces Costs

With Meraki's streamlined implementation of network technology, your business no longer needs to worry about additional costs for training and hiring staff to manage your network.


Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional Meraki equipment at affordable prices, and we achieve this by leveraging our partnership with Cisco Meraki.


This allows us to sell, implement and support Cisco Meraki products and apply our 10+ years experience providing our clients with state-of-the-art networking technology without breaking the budget.


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