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IntegraONE proudly offers Barracuda Networks solutions, support and consulting services for organizations of all sizes in Pittsburgh, PA. We sell, install, configure, support and maintain Barracuda Networks products from small single server environments all the way up to complex enterprise deployments.

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Barracuda Networks reduces downtime and prevents data loss. Barracuda is the ideal backup solution to protect your important files in your IT environments.

Backing up files should be fast, easy and accessible.

Barracuda Networks is a backup solution preferred by most of our clients due to its extensive functionality, efficiency, and systems compatibility. Whether you need a backup solution on a one-time basis or for continuing use, Barracuda and IntegraONE will make it possible.

Barracuda features

Barracuda backups are flexible and are capable of delivering complete backup solutions to the cloud, virtual machines, hybrid, and traditional network environments. Barracuda makes it simple to recover a snapshot in time or just to recover a set of affected files.

Barracuda backups utilize inline deduplication technologies to significantly reduce storage and bandwidth usage. This makes the backup and restoration run more efficient compared to other backup service providers. It can reduce the traditional backup storage requirements by 20 to 50 times and also reduce windows bandwidth requirements.

Defend from ransomware, malware, disasters, and malicious destruction

Barracuda backup works on files encrypted by ransomware. A simple procedure to counter ransomware is to eliminate the malware first, delete the bad files and restore them from a recent backup. In as little as an hour, the files could be recovered and malware removed. All is possible with Barracuda backups.

barracuda protection against cyberthreats

Barracuda backup server uses hardened Linux OS which is less vulnerable to threats than Windows-based backup solutions. Data is encrypted while in transit and stored with 256-bit encryption technology.

If your business is considering a Barracuda backup solution contact us today with any further questions or specific-case applications. Our team at IntegraONE can partner with you to ensure your Barracuda backup solution caters to your unique IT environment.