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We are a trusted Ruckus Wireless Partner

With the increasing demand for Wifi hotspots and wireless networking for businesses, integraONE is a certified Ruckus Wireless partner and dealer - one of the largest and most reliable providers of wireless technologies. Partnering with Ruckus lets us offer SMBs and enterprises a more powerful networking product and software that enables wireless network investment to run at its peak performance.

We are a Ruckus Wireless partner / Ruckus Wireless dealer / Ruckus Wireless reseller / Ruckus Wireless consultant serving companies in Pittsburgh, PA. Our expert Ruckus Wireless consultants can help your business make the most of your Ruckus Wireless solution!

Trust our Ruckus Wireless Consultants

Combining our IT and networking expertise, we are able to unlock all the capacities and capabilities of your Ruckus products. Depending on the Ruckus products you have chosen, we will install and configure them based on your needs to link up with your existing technologies so everything works together. We are able to deploy a Ruckus Wireless solution without interrupting your usual business operations-- this can be scheduled on an evening or a weekend.

integraONE's mission is to provide you with the right tools and devices for an efficient and effective IT solution.

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Ruckus Networking Products

Ruckus offers network solutions in one comprehensive package. Ruckus products have a full-suite of functionalities that allow you to effectively handle your wireless needs.

  • - Indoor Access Points
  • - Outdoor Access Points and Bridges
  • - Control and Management
  • - ICX Switches
  • - Monitoring and Software

Interested in a Ruckus Solution?

If your business needs support for your existing Ruckus Wireless infrastructure or is looking to install a Ruckus Networks solution for the first time, we can help make your project a success.

Contact our Ruckus Wireless consultants today to get started!