Multi-cloud, multi-way — Say goodbye to the “one size fits all”

The cloud is all about flexibility and scalability. So, why should the journey to the cloud be any different?

Chances are, parts of your business are running cloud applications outside your traditional data center. CRM, Marketing Automation, Email, and Collaboration tools (like WebEx and Microsoft Teams), are all powered by the cloud. Users in your organization are already realizing the flexibility, ease of management, and consecutiveness beyond anything they used before. So, whether you’re deeply steeped in the cloud model, or just dipping a toe, the possibilities are endless for improving and managing your data and workloads. Deciding what to move to the cloud, which cloud, and when, takes time and planning, but you don’t have to navigate the journey alone.

Jim Bedics

Director of Server/Storage
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Whether you’re already well-versed in all the possibilities cloud has to offer, or are considering it for the first time, IntegraONE’s strategic, consultative approach will help you envision the right cloud-enabled future state for your business. We can meet your organization where you are today on your cloud journey, and implement cloud-based solutions that will anticipate your needs tomorrow.

Be Limitless

There are “multi-ways” to modernize with cloud, but no matter how you get there the benefits are undeniable. Enable anywhere access, connect your technology stack to improve automation and efficiency, store data, and collaborate without friction. Moving to cloud applications like Microsoft 365 gives your organization access to the same enterprise-level features and capabilities as some of the biggest organizations in the world. With three decades of expertise in data center, security, and managed services, we can listen to your business goals, and map out a plan to get you there.


Engineer Corner

Let IntegraONE debunk common myths about Cloud.

We already have the infrastructure.  We have unique security needs.  We want to know where our data is.  It is too difficult to move workloads from on-prem to the cloud.  Let’s talk about where these objections came from, and why they may or may not be reality for your organization. 

The Cloud Journey

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, the “next right step” will always lead to greater efficiency and collaboration. If you are running traditional infrastructure, for example — great! A hybrid model might be the right fit for you. When it is time for new gear, you can consider hosting those servers in the cloud to eliminate on-premises maintenance and avoid costly outages. Another step down the road, and you can leverage cloud-native SaaS platforms to enable new features. Many of these applications are priced on consumption, so you only pay for what you use but get the full power and feature set of the application. 

Our Core Offerings:

·        Remote workforce and productivity

·        Modern Productivity with Microsoft 365

·        Cloud conferencing and collaboration

·        Cloud and Hybrid datacenter

·        Multi-factor authentication

·        Hybrid Identity and Security

·        Identity and information protections

·        Mobile device and mobile application management

·        Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Business Continuity

Think you’re ready to move to the Cloud? Check out our Cloud Migration Checklist

Collaborate and Work More Effectively Azure!


Executive Corner

Let’s talk security. The truth is, there is virtually no security measure you can take on-premises that is not also available for the cloud. The same protections you expect, like SEIM on premises, are already templated into the cloud. Now, the fine print – these features have to be actively implemented; they are not the default. But this is true of on-premises as well. In short, security is an important consideration, and will always need to be top of mind. Just don’t let it rain on your parade when it comes to cloud.