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Increasingly, staying in contact with employees, clients, vendors and partners in a meaningful way is key to running your organization, whether through mobile devices, video applications, fixed handsets with video, or conference and IP communications. IntegraONE takes into consideration your specific environment’s communication needs, as well as your team members’ appetite for new communication methods, and builds a customized solution. Our tools can help you combat rising costs, aging equipment and software, and compliance pressures. Collaboration truly can be made easier and more efficient for everyone.

Brad Rightmyer

VP of Service Operations
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Our engineers have full ownership, from presales to implementation. We personally enjoy working on all aspects of a project, from inception to implementation, to service. We take pride in ensuring that the customer has a good experience.

Elements of Comprehensive Collaboration:

Video Conferencing enables your team to respond quickly to problems, collaborate on projects, and conduct meetings & trainings across multiple locations. It eliminates wasted cycles of voicemails and email exchanges through real-time conversations.

VoIP can combine and simplify your communications tools, to cut costs while making it easier for everyone to maintain access to the network, including those who work remotely or off-site. Plus, there’s built in security and disaster recovery capability, ensuring your business is protected and can recover quickly.

WebEx Meeting Center from Cisco takes it a step further offering a robust video conferencing tool which uses a simple web address for individual contacts, eliminating the need to search your inbox for those login details for each meeting! The personal web address is always the same for each contact and can be accessed by any device, in any location. Web addresses can be locked for privacy and to prevent interruptions or left open allowing people to drop in as needed for quick exchanges.

WebEx Teams is a comprehensive Collaboration solution that keeps people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere. Teams makes meetings more efficient, and participants more engaged, thanks to a video-first meeting experience. By integrating messaging, file storing/sharing, and meetings into “spaces” shared by collaborators, WebEx Teams makes it easy for teams to be more tightly connected, from further and further away, from any device, in any workspace. No more call interruptions going from the car, to the office, to the conference room, on multiple devices. Teams allows for constant communication and access to team Spaces and meetings, across any set of devices.

Our engineers are not siloed into pre and post sales roles. Each IntegraONE engineer works on a project from its design to its implementation and support, ensuring that your needs are met and that your new solution is manageable after we turn the keys over to you. As the landscape of collaboration and communication tools continues to change and grow in complexity, your solutions will need to work together, across your IT spectrum. Luckily, IntegraONE’s engineers have expertise in multiple technology sectors (see our array of Solutions), and have been managing increasingly complex environments for decades.


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Today’s teams include everyone from early adopters who are excited about new communication methods, to those who are slow to adopt new technologies like video and internet based calling. Our engineers can help bridge that difficult gap, with tailored solutions and education that help turn the most complex communication systems into simple to use solutions.

Customer Success Story

See how IntegraONE helped Marywood University update an aging phone system with over 800 extensions to a Cisco-biased telephony solution including voicemail, virtual servers, and redundant servers.


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IntegraONE has been a Cisco partner since 1997. We know Cisco collaboration solutions inside and out, and continue our training and certification constantly to stay up to date. We have 15+ years of experience integrating Cisco Unified Communications, and a bevy of company, as well as individual, Cisco certifications. Cisco collaboration technologies make meetings more efficient, makes team interactions more engaging, and enables those interactions seamlessly, but only if they are installed and managed to properly address each organization’s unique situation.

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Network Manager

They were very attentive to our needs throughout the entire process. Our integraONE sales rep was there throughout the entire process not just for the sales portion. Everything from the sales perspective, project management, and engineering was great. If I were to highlight anything as exceptional though, it would be the engineering services. And really, to me, that’s what it’s all about.