Managed Services

You do you – we’ll focus on your IT.

No need for a bat-signal – you’ve got our team of IT superheroes around the clock, for a simple monthly fee.

Whether your organization is a small to medium business looking for a reliable and dedicated IT team, or a larger company looking for support on a particular project, IntegraONE can customize a managed solution for you.

Our approach to business starts with listening. We want to understand your specific needs so that, at the end of the day, what we deliver is the right fit for you. Our Managed Services are personalized, and our engagement with you is an integral part of our success. Moreover, our engineers are a group of helpful, curious, and motivated professionals who make it their personal mission to keep your technology buzzing.

Joe Consolmagno

Managed Services Practice Manager
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We deliver a proactive, preventative approach to managing technology so you can focus on your organizational priorities.

Working with FusionONE, you will see increased user productivity and uptime, better network stability, decreased security risk, and lower overall IT costs. Everything is customized, to make sure we move those needles as much as possible for you, in your unique environment and circumstances. Our approach is different. We don’t just put a solution in motion and walk away. We combine remote and onsite steering to ensure all aspects of the technology are monitored closely.

Our Core Offerings:
·         Helpdesk and server
·         Managed Backup
·         Managed Networking
·         Managed Security with constant monitoring

Our Partners: Continuum, StorageCraft, Flexential data center, IT Glue, Microsoft O365, Intermedia, Barracuda, Fortinet.


Hot Tip

IntegraONE completes monthly network administrator checklists. A familiar face will come on site once a month to make sure everything is running smoothly. We have steering meetings on a regular cadence with each of our clients. So, we are constantly making sure our solution is working for you, and can work with you to identify any developing needs and address them quickly.

Are You Afraid of The Dark Web?

“Tale of the Bitcoin Bandit”
Cyber criminals are always looking for ways to hack your network. Don’t be caught unaware! IntegraONE can monitor your network, and enable your team to adhere to best practices.


Technical Deep Dive

So, we know about phishing emails. We’ve heard how the baddies are beating anti-virus. The fact is, as the amount of devices on a network continues to increase exponentially, end-user training on what to look out for is now an absolute must have. Running phishing email tests among your users is no longer optional. But, keeping tabs is time consuming. FusionONE is there to make sure these important activities are handled, while you focus on the mission-critical activities du jour.

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