Hackers don’t take a day off, and neither should you. Stay one step ahead with proactive monitoring and a killer defense.

Stay one step ahead of hackers with rock solid security architecture. No openings. No backdoors. No way to get in.

As threats change, our defenses must evolve. Today’s security architecture must be agile, flexible and deeply integrated. Regardless of your specific industry—education, government, healthcare or commercial business— we are cyber security IT experts serving Pennsylvania. We have the experience to develop a comprehensive IT security strategy for your organization.

Allen Kayal

Director of Security
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We have a great understanding of each vendor’s technology, which allows us to determine when to use out-of the-box features, and when to customize per the client’s environment.

Security is more critical to your business than ever before. As threats grow and change, our defenses must evolve. Today’s security architecture must be agile, flexible, and deeply integrated. It must offer a far-reaching view of threats to prevent attacks and avert their worst effects. IntegraONE has partnered with leading IT security vendors including FireEye/Mandiant, Bradford Networks, Barracuda, Fortinet, Cisco Sourcefire, HPE/Aruba ClearPass, ForeScout and more to provide the most advanced integrated security technologies that balance your risk profile with security spend and compliance requirements.

Network Security

NAC & BYOD Solutions
Endpoint Security & Protection
Web and Email Security
Content Filtering
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Data Security
Data Encryption
Data loss prevention

Cyber Security

Penetration Testing
Cyber Security & Advanced Threat Protection
Intrusion Prevention Systems
Advanced Computer & Network Forensics
Incident Response
Internet of Things (IoT)
Sandbox Technology
Custom Security Services
Compliance Audits
Security & Vulnerability Assessments


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Don’t be on the news…for a security breach. Do not choose between security and ease of use. You CAN have both. We have expertise with protecting clients from ransom and malware attacks, and keeping your data secure. With every storage project, we address your data needs holistically, by incorporating plans for availability and recovery.

[Live Event] Hackathon

IntegraONE, Fortinet, and Veeam teamed up to host a hands on competitive Hackathon event. Many certified ethical hackers in attendance competing in a capture the flag style event. See our Events page for future events.

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